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The tasty meat snack

Jerky is the American term for seasoned raw meat that is processed into a protein snack by air drying and dehydration.
Beef Jerky uses beef as its raw material.

Due to its high protein content, it is consumed as a tasty snack, a snack to go or additional nutrition for sportsmen and sportswomen.
INDIANA is the brand owner and since 2002 manufacturer of Indiana Jerky products with a eurowide presence.

Indiana Jerkys are produced in Europe and according to the local taste.. They are, therefore, heartier in taste and significantly less sweet than American jerkys. The products have a higher humidity and are therefore also pleasantly softer.

Only Indiana offers jerkys with beef, chicken, turkey, pork and tuna. High quality meat from the back flanks (beef), breast and belly is used.
A number of different flavours add to the uniqueness of this brand.